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I'm a white, aro ace, demi-masculine, agender... kid??? person??? idk.
This blog is for me. It's basically my safe space and preferred way of interacting with people. As such, if I say anything harmful, please let me know and I'll do my best to rectify the situation.
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If I had a dollar for every post I saw equating having a vagina/uterus/ovaries/menstrual cycle with being female, I would be a rich man.

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    Casual reminder that I made this post and it got 62 notes worth of horrible cissexist fuckery
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    ^^This. props to toplioncup. and licorieplease? I demand you give your biology license back and have it burnt. this is...
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    Genitals are part of what defines sex, a vagina is not a male part. Genetic sex is based on the presence or absence of a...
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    No it doesnt happen to all women. Yes it does just happen to women. But you knew you we were not going to agree on this.
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    No, still wrong. I can’t believe you’re embracing the idea that the trait that defines our sex is our genitals. There...
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    I am not disrespecting you, I am telling you a reality. Your identity is masculine/man. Okay, alright, good for you, I...